hi so we’re gonna try on some bathing suits today Amazon bathing suits and I don’t know how it’s gonna go I’m not usually one to like show too much not nothing I’m gonna show too much I just mean I don’t I don’t know if this is gonna work out I hate ordered everything a few days ago let me show you it’s all right here I don’t know if things are gonna look good bad maybe we won’t even fit maybe I’ll reveal I’m not gonna reveal too much I’m not I tried to order a lot of different selections and colors and I just had such amazing luck with the Amazon clothes that I recently purchased and I can link that video down below I was blown away with the quality so I’m crossing my fingers that the quality of these bathing suits are just as good and everything I think was under $25 just great prices so let’s just get started I’ll have everything linked down below I think now’s the perfect time to start shopping from your bathing suit for the year wish me luck let’s get started interesting thought this was the bathing suit no it’s this okay I like that I think I like this – okay I’m excited I’m excited I need scissors I have a knife so like how everything is packaged it look at this Ziploc bag how cool is that okay we have a watch try on here snake print polka-dots stripes tassels I have a lot okay okay so I just laid everything out and they look really good I’ve got four bikinis and 4-1 pieces the only thing is I’m home alone so hopefully I can tie everything up by myself and this works out Shea you can do this okay oh my gosh guys I genuinely I love I love this first one like love it it looks it looks so good there’s like little ruffle things here not ruffles what are these tassels and it’s like striped white it looks it looks really good and this is a high-waisted bikini it covers a lot but it’s like super super flattering and guys like I said the prices on all of these are I think all of them are under 25 there might be one that’s like 28 but yeah this comes in so many colors pick this cuz I thought I don’t know I just like the color combination but I love how it’s it’s lots of coverage on your butt lots of coverage here but it’s flattering kind of makes your waist look a little bit skinny well it’s a win so far okay so I really like this one too I am just I think I’m going to go back and forth between bikini one piece bikini one piece etc so yeah I really do like this one it fits really well I must admit it probably would look a little better if I had a little more on top if you know what I mean but that’s okay I embrace myself but yeah this this looks really great I it’s adjustable and it’s really easy to put on there’s no crazy straps you just slide it on you can adjust it you could suck it in you could make it loose whatever you want like you know you can just kind of like change the way it looks so anyway I like it it’s a win okay so again I I really like this I think it’s it’s super cute and it’s totally different than the last bathing suit where if you don’t have much going on on top this kind of can mask it and make it look like you do so yeah again this is another high-waisted bikini you just tie it in the back I probably could have tied it tighter but again I’m working all by myself here so yeah this is this is good I like it there’s like tangerine oranges on it so that’s really cute and different so I really like this – I swear guys if I don’t like something I will tell you I promise I’m not just talking these up I just I really am impressed with the way these look and feel again this is really easy to put on us just adjustable in the back there’s no crazy straps I love the ruffles it comes in a lot of colors but I like how this is solid it’s kind of different than the other ones I’ve shown you but yeah it’s very very flattering this would definitely be for somebody that wants more coverage but still something very stylish okay so for this one I really like the way it looks I love the snake print love the snake print I don’t feel as comfortable in it just because the back I don’t want to show you it’s like a lot more revealing like it’s it’s not quite a song but it’s pushing a thong and some people love that more power to you I personally just don’t feel super comfortable in that but like I like the bathing suit I love the pattern and I actually really like how it’s a little bit higher up it is high waisted and I really like the top actually it’s very much like a bra in the fact that you just clasp it in the back it’s not like a string bikini it’s actually a metal clasp that’s really cool um but yeah I do really like it so if this is your style it’s good okay so this is the coolest pattern I really like this pattern and I’m glad that it was already like tied up in the back because there is a lot of strings going on but regardless I don’t care like I I really like this there’s like double straps here it’s like cinches your waist even though there’s it’s just a pattern and it’s just all flat but I just really like it um yeah coverage good all is good it’s one piece so that’s cool but yet I feel like it’s fun and fresh and young and youthful I don’t know I just really really like it it’s I think it’s the same link as the green lace one that I tried on that was one piece but I like this pattern like way better even though that’s a totally different look the green one was more like boho this is more like fun and summery and so this is the last bikini it’s so vintage like old school looking I I feel like it would look perfect with a red lipstick you would look so stylin by the beach or by the pool I’m gonna go get a red lipstick out I’ll be right back okay I am back how does it look so I like it where’s some red lipstick this bathing suit love it lots of patterns and colors I keep saying that but I just wanted something that is a little more classic this is definitely classic love the ruffles on top love it but I love how it has straps too because there’s a lot of tops I keep seeing that are this style but they’re they’re kind of it’s like a tube top and you have to pray they’re not gonna fall off or fly up but this is definitely really secure so yay I’m sorry I didn’t find one that sucks yet it’s actually going really well okay so we’re on to the last bathing suit this is another classic staple basic bathing suit but in a good way you can’t go wrong with this I just wanted to get it in basic black because I just feel like there’s so many people out there that would really really like this and I’m glad I got it because it has some ruching here so it’s it is very flattering it makes the I kind of go vertical there’s lots of coverage it’s very very comfortable you’re not going to be like falling out anyway and it does come in other colors but like I said I thought just having a good basic black bathing suit would be perfect so thank you guys for watching I’m thoroughly thoroughly impressed with the prices and the quality of these it’s kind of sad honestly because if you go on like Victoria’s Secret or just go shopping in general for bathing suits usually they are very pricey and all of these were so inexpensive so I feel like Amazon is kind of taking over the world maybe that’s good maybe that’s bad I don’t know thumbs up for these bathing suits everything will be linked down below thank you so much for watching and I will see you very next and I will see you next what I will see you next time in my video what am i hot and I will see you next time in my video [Music] thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time what am I saying thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye

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