what’s up you guys it’s Hannah if you guys don’t know me and you’re new to this channel then you guys know the drill I am Hannah if you did not know if you’re turning in the line of Miami swimming I wanted to do it with swim hole because I haven’t done one of those this summer I wanted to go ahead and show you guys this really really cheap brand that I have swimsuits from today it always needs to kind of explore your options with the cheaper swimsuits because swimsuits get really really really pricey so if you guys want to see some cheap ones that I got today I haven’t tried any of them on we’re going to be doing that all together on camera today if you guys want to see that watching and don’t let me know what you guys wanna see cubed because it’s summer and we need cheap faces and we need to see ones that we want just to get so although maybe things if are from half-sheet and that is the brand that I got them from today we will be continuing on call right now so keep watching okay so this is the first swimsuit or no you can really see it because it’s white so it might be just a little bit washed out all these bathing suits are in a size small they’re a little big just kind of based on like I don’t wear a small and usually they’re a lot smaller than this I wouldn’t order a size down if you were ordering from this website I would just kind of know that these rings are just a little bit bigger and then what you’re used to if you order like a size small and stuff it did come with pads in it so I just kept a minute because why not I think it’s really cute detail though and like the back I love bathing suits that kind of like clip in the back like this the bottoms are really triangular cleanest I look you think so cute I saw this and the first time I saw it I was like in know like that wouldn’t look good on me the shape and stuff it just kind of not really like suits my body I guess and I don’t really wear it I don’t have any philosophy nice and so this would have been like my first one and I’m actually so happy with it I think it’s so cute and it’s really comfy and like the bath is adorable it has these little like fluff on the back and you can kind of like wear it very like kind of make it a little bit like 10 years you want it to be city teeming coming down bikini is the black one that I got I love it so cute I think it’s like adorable [Music] all right this is the third Keaney that I got from Cup she uh I actually don’t know if you’re supposed to wear it like this tied in the back but I tied it and it works I think they’re supposed to hang i garden just has the pads in it but I look he’s it gets really really cute girls if you’re looking for really really like tiny kinis like on like the cheekier side unlike the kind of minimalistic side this is probably not going to be like the best bathing suit for you I know that these kind of go all the way like over your butt so it’s not gonna be the same like resilient cut as like a lot of swimsuits companies are doing now but I think it’s really really really cute I wear this bikini for sure I think that the cut of this is very flattering the way that it like holds you together is a very like again like flattering angle kind of and so I really like it I think it’s cute and I think the color is cute yeah I’m definitely gonna wear it for summer for sure [Music] this is the next bathing suit it’s actually a really cute one I’ve always liked it’s kind of like this where triangle on top and then it’s dropping bottom feels very supportive and you don’t have any issues like we feel like wow all the sudden the bottoms are very standard just like regular and have like a little scrunch with a bob they go really high if you push them up I like I always do with my meeting students remember prints you can wear them down here and then have your bathing suit literally just beat all the way down but I like think it’s honestly more comfortable to wear them up just a little bit higher I just feel like this is like the 70s look that I like to grow up with my feet so this is the next baby suit already and on to the next okay so this bathing suit I honestly have no idea how to tie this I think I’ve been tying this like for probably the past five minutes just because I have no idea that this is right but I think it looks cute right I mean like I feel looks you like the idea of the strings kind of like time all the way around stomach because it kind of gives like a few different looks than just the regular bikinis only thing about this bikini and dot is a little bit of a bummer is the top is really big it’s like I don’t know it’s really hard to explain but it’s really cute it’s really cute and it has big pads in it and I want to take him out and I feel like it would be too like floppy and it would just kind of hang and so I definitely like this one I wish our just a teeny teeny bit smaller because I can’t really fill it out on the top I do still like it and I think it’s still flattering and I do like how this can go all the way around your waist and then this goes all the way to the top and needs it so this is that also the back is much more cheeky than any of the rest of the bathing suits that I’ve been wearing so yeah this is the last one and I’m gonna get to the next [Music] already and this is the next feeding suit this bathing suit is actually really cute it’s not my style for sure I never really wear bathing suits that kind of have like the full cross body and huge ruffles I just feel like it’s a lot but I think this one is pretty cute I think that the ruffles up here I don’t really know like what to do with them but I think that if you can tuck them in I took mine in the back then you can kind of go both ways this is nice be the fluffs which is kind of like the outer like folded over which is also cute know that you can’t wear the straps down here because I thought make sure or you can wear them like dot but I personally feel like my shoulders get pretty broad so I have to kind of be careful that so I like I’m definitely way more kind of down here I feel like it’s way cuter that’s why I like this one so yeah actually on to the last one that I’ll shameiess so on to the last base okay so this is the last meeting so that I got from cup sheet I think this is absolutely probably one of my favourite ones this color I kind of feel like I can wash you out sometimes but the shape of this bow it’s literally so cute and you can adjust it to whatever you want to have like the little little strap adjustments on the back so I just did it once like that and yeah you can basically adjust everything on this bikini which is so amazing because everybody’s body is different and so things a bit different and sometimes sizing isn’t accurate and so if you have like those adjustable things like the adesso strap and adjustable bottoms then it just makes things so much easier and fixed so your job comes in on that one I’m just like my favorite one I will definitely be wearing this bikini is definitely more cheeky as opposed to the other ones but you can still wear it as like kind of a more covered bathing suit so you can come to the side already and the last thing that I got is actually just a little to cover up so the bathing suit cover-up looks like this it’s just white wool because I don’t like to wear a bunch of clothes and then let’s take it out of the school I have to like put on a bunch of clothes and stuff in your old weds just so I got this really cute little wrap I think this is absolutely adorable too you can kind of tie it in however tight you want it to be maybe like a little dress so yeah this is the last item that I got from cup cheese oh thank you going to cup sheet for sponsoring this video these bathing suits are absolutely actually really great quality there are little bit bigger than I would have expected so just kind of note that don’t get like a size up but other than that these bathing suits are actually like great and they’re super super cheap and I’m gonna be wearing that a lot this summer I just feel like they’re really cute and they’re kind of in like the little shapes and stuff and so yeah I think that’s about it I’m going to go ahead and go change because I’m getting like really hot trying on all these bikinis concludes my haul I don’t think I’ve liked it you guys know the drill if you liked it go like you one more of these and you’d like to try on calls let me know let me know what else do you guys want to see what other types of videos because yeah you guys like those let me know if it doing them yeah anyway this was fun new because it’s fun because I know I did I love bathing suits and anything to do with that I’ll see you guys next week paid to sit without eyes on Anna both at get out

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