ha it is so hot in here maybe summer really is around the corner I have been wanting to do this video for so long I feel like I say that about every video that I film but today I am super excited because I’m going to be doing five swimsuits under $20 and a bikini try on haul and softball preview that was a mouthful basically about a year ago I worked at softball into the bikini Tryon Hall where I tried on all these swimsuits and it was super fun that video did really well it’s probably the third most watched video on my channel right now this video is not sponsored by is awful I bought these swimsuits with my own money in preparation for my two vacations coming up I’m going to LA next weekend I’m so excited and then in about three weeks I’m going to Myrtle Beach I’ve never been there before but that vacation is going to be so much fun if you’ve been to Myrtle Beach comment down below what you think I should do let me know what I definitely shouldn’t miss when I’m in Myrtle Beach all that being said I bought a couple swimsuits to get excited for my trip and today I’m going to be reviewing them for you trying them on and possibly giving away at least one I know last year when I did this video the swimsuits that didn’t fit me I gave away to my subscribers and you guys really appreciated that so maybe if you’re watching this you might get a threesome suit at the end of the video before we get started don’t forget to leave a like because it does help and subscribe we really are like one big family with lots of love to go around and it’s never too late to join all you have to do is hit subscribe okay let’s get started I am so excited look at these colors but let’s start with this baby the first swimsuit is the strapless pandawa bikini in this bright yellow this swimsuit was $14.99 and I could definitely feel the ribbed texture I was so impressed with when I tried this on because usually strapless swimsuits on me are really risky because I don’t have a lot of support to keep it up but material is so tight it definitely has to do with the ribbon as’ it stretches but it keeps its shape like it stays really tight and it doesn’t make me look completely flat-chested which also happens with strapless so tsunami and the back is super cute with the design and the yellow straps I love the way that the swimsuit looks on me I think it’s gonna look so great with the tan I’m so impressed it has padding which helps honestly I feel like this one suit is worth more than 15 but $15 is such a steal I was a little worried because the bottoms like five these are tiny but when they’re on it somehow doesn’t look that small I don’t know how to explain it but it fits me like I would wear this in public and it is high-waisted I don’t have a swimsuit yet that’s high-waisted so I’m really really happy and the ribbed fabric just um it’s so in this season it looks so good ten out of ten recommend and it was only $14.99 like that is such a steal the next one suit was one that I was super excited about because it reminded me of adilyn’s clogs when she went to Bora Bora and she got those really bright neon swimsuits this was definitely more neon than expected I was a little unimpressed by the feeling of the fabric I just expected more and this feels like a target latex like kid swimsuit also you can tell if this swimwear has zero adjustment straps at all so hopefully your body fits into like the model that they produce this off of because you can’t adjust it once it’s on it’s on luckily for me my body is probably about 80 to 90 percent what they were envisioning when they created this so it works but I think I would only wear it if I was tanning in my yard or like at a beach at home because it doesn’t look like the best quality also because you can’t adjust the straps you either have underboob or like nip slips like there’s no in-between the bottoms are also very very straightforward there is no like texture or pattern it’s just like this latex II material like I said it did fit me but I don’t think I would recommend this because it is such a risk you either have the correct body type or you don’t in the design it’s like a cute shape but there’s not much to it surprisingly this swimsuit was $17.99 so it was about three dollars more than the yellow swimsuit and I feel like the quality is just so much worse the next swimsuit I am super excited about because I really had a lot of hopes for this and I think it works really well I’m going to start with the bottoms because they are so cute and they’re the part that really stuck out to me and I saw this online I got these light pink Palm Beach bottoms and they’re not too small this is a great size for bottom swimsuits I love this that’s at the top I was super impressed because it was super super adjustable and here’s the light pink top it has two strings for the straps and then on the back let me just clasp it so you can see I’m suits so much I’m so happy as you can see the top is super adjustable I love this little detail also have the adjustable straps right there a lot string I know it looks like a lot but that’s only because it’s super adjustable and it fits my body so well even if you don’t have the biggest boobs like me this makes your body look great like I feel like it just emphasizes all the right places and not the wrong places it does have padding which I feel like I need to emphasize because some is awful suits that don’t come with padding and it is a sad day when that happens but this swimsuit came with padding it’s super adjustable it’s light pink it has pumpkin spots I love it and this swimsuit was right in between the other two prices this was sixteen dollars I think it is so worth it it’s super cute like I can count on the swimsuit to be there for me you know like she’s got me the next one suit I am so impressed by I did not have high hopes when I saw this honestly because the top I was afraid wouldn’t fit me but it does I’m so excited so if you haven’t noticed my color of the season right now is yellow I’m so obsessed with light yellow adilyn morin definitely inspired me but that’s going to be spoiler alert that’s one of the themes of my new bedroom is yellow and I I’m so excited it makes me so happy especially when there’s so much snow on the ground right now yellow is it so I wasn’t expecting to follow this in love with white blue but I did this is the sweetest swimsuit that I have seen in a long time we have this light baby blue top I was really nervous about it because last year I got a very similar top style from softball and the top is a little too far apart it just wasn’t covering the right places and I had to give it away to a subscriber but I had no hopes for this because I just thought it was going to do the same thing his awful has really stepped up their game like I’ve noticed a big difference in just one year of purchases last year a lot of their swimsuits fabrics just felt cheap and poorly made some of them like inside fabric would stick out and a lot of the swimsuits that I purchased last year didn’t have adjustable straps or extra class to help with different body sizes maybe they really listened to their customers because list ear all the swimsuits I bought have like adjustable clasp and padding which is something that they didn’t have last year their quality has really gone up anyway this top is like the jeans of The Sisterhood of the Traveling because I put this on and I suddenly had boobs like what happened I don’t when I wore this it like emphasized everything in the right places I don’t even know what happened like if it my body the way it’s supposed to fit a supermodel definitely wearing this in LA and Myrtle Beach when I go anyway let me show you the bottoms too so the bottoms I was a little worried about because they do look super small like whose body is going to cover this tiny amount of fabric but it works somehow and if you can see the texture like that is some nice quality shit at least double layered so it’s thick which the other swimsuit that I just showed you that I said I was kind of unimpressed by it wasn’t like this this is nice surprisingly this wonderful quality swimsuit wasn’t even that expensive it was only $14.99 that is cheaper than a target swimsuit and it is so much nicer I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with baby blue but I did I’m so excited this was a yellow suit Oh be sure to be following me on instagram because 100 percent I’m going to be taking really epic pictures in the islamification on to the final swimsuit I’m a little disappointed in this one because this was the suit that got me to make this big purchase I was originally just going to get this swimsuit I’m really glad I did it because it was the only one that didn’t work for me so bad luckily I wanted to get a better deal with my purchase I think it was buy for get one free if I remember correctly so luckily I got my money’s worth and all four of the ones I showed you work the one that I really really wanted was of course the one that did not work so hopefully this works for you because I’m turning the swimsuit into a giveaway otherwise it’s just going to sit in my closet and not get its word so if you think this will fit your body type stay tuned and I’ll show you how you could possibly win this home suit it’s definitely the cutest just a real shame that it did not work r.i.p to the cutest baby doll pink roughly triangle swimsuit you have ever seen I fell in love with this on the website it has movable triangle fabric pieces made of ruffles it is so cute the only problem is no adjustable straps and that’s for egami because no matter where I move the triangles I just didn’t have big enough boots it didn’t work it doesn’t look good on me but it’s so cute the bottoms we’re also super cute it has little ruffles on the back and the front and this really really tight rubber band feeling waistband it’s a little tight this is a size small unfortunately this was again one of the more expensive swimsuits this was $17.99 so 18 dollars for this light pink roughly swimsuits it’s kind of funny had the two most expensive swimsuits were the ones that didn’t work the best for me so if you take anything away from this awful video definitely purchase the cheaper swimsuits because they might just be better quality than the more expensive ones if you think of size small swimsuit from Savile would fit you and your body type if you have bigger boobs than me then this video is for you if you want to win the swimsuit all that you have to do is subscribe to this channel subscribe to my vlog channel leave a like on this video and comment down below anything can be in your comments just make sure that your comments includes enter me so that I know they were entering this giveaway and then four weeks from the windows has uploaded I’ll go to one of those websites that generates a random comments from your video and that is how I will choose the winner and I’ll ship it out to you I just really want this to go to a good home so if you think this will work for you this summer please into the giveaway that’s going to be it for this from suit haul I hope that you enjoy don’t forget to hit subscribe so you don’t miss my travel Diaries and blogs for my vacations coming up I am so excited to be traveling have a wonderful rest of your day and I’ll see you very very soon with a new video bye

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